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Every individual is different and so is our recommended treatment. The doctor-patient relationship is an important part of healing and more so in the current health scenario where an increasing number of health problems are considered psychosomatic in nature or diet and lifestyle-related. Your cooperation and understanding of our Homeopathic treatment procedures will help us provide you with an effective treatment for your illness.

Read the healing stories below to know what our patients and their loved ones have to say about their experiences at Homeopathway-Centre for Advanced Homeopathy

Our Happy Clients!

I had anxiety and bowel disturbance. After every meal I had to pass the stool, I was very much disturbed due to this condition. Then I met Dr shruti as my friend suggested to consult her. Today its been 2 month and I can say my 90℅ of disease is cured. All Thanks to the doctor.
Asha Aggarwal
Gastritis hampered my life. I was not able to eat food of my choice, everytime I had bloated abdomen, homeopathy helped me alot to concour my symptoms. Thanks to homeopathway.
Iqbal shyed
New delhi(GERD)
I was diagnosis with coeliac disease in my early hood. Doctor put me on gluten free diet. I was not ready to accept and was seeking for a proper treatment then I came across Homeopathway and started my treatment with Dr Shruti Gupta, its been 5 months im doing quiet well.
Raghuvar singhla,
gurgaon (Coeliac Disease)
My 2-year-old son was bleeding during stool. He developed piles due to his condition. His stool was with mucus and become very week due to bleeding and frequent stool. My child is very well in just 15 days
Gokul Thakur
Uttarakhand (Piles)
My child had a problem of bed wetting she is 6 years old.she says mumma I don’t realise I have to pee, it just passes involuntarily. I went to homeopathway for her treatment. She cured my child’s problem.I am happy that I got her guidance
New Delhi (Bed Wetting)
My son has Autism and he also suffered from epilepsy. After starting homeopathic treatment at Homeopathway under Dr. Shruti, he has shown remarkable improvement. He is now very calm, his concentration has improved, and his epileptic seizures have significantly reduced. I am greatly thankful to Dr. for her excellent treatment and valuable guidance.
Anju sharma, karnal,
Shrey, my son suffered from frequent cold & cough with recurrent tonsillitis since 4 years. Paediatrician adviced tonsillectomy which I though is no treatment to opt for, so I showed him to Dr Shruti within few days his symptoms not only disappeared also his immunity improved. We sincerely thankful to Doc.
Shrishti Garg,
Agra UP(tonsillitis)
Asthma since her early age. It was really scary to see her go through the asthmatic attack . She was too small to take inhalers, which is why I took her to Dr Shruti, touchwood she is doing well, her attacks has reduced and can now go to play. I really thanks to Homeopathway.
New Delhi (Asthma)
Dr.Shruti Gupta is a “MAGICIAN” as my daughter Anusha calls her. Her medicines are really very, very effective. There is a lot of improvement in my allergic rhinitis as well as my overall health.Anusha’s health has equally improved and she is growing into a pretty girl.
Ridhima Yadav ,
Gurgaon (Allergic Rhinitis)
My husband was suffering from recurrent cold and headache, so my friend suggested me to consult a homeopathic doctor so i came across Homeopathway via Instagram, we had a video consultation with doc , she diagnosed its sinusitis and we started the treatment within few days he responsed well.
Supreetha Anantraj,
Bangalore (Sinusitis)
I was looking for a homeopathic doctor for my psoriasis problem. I found Homeopathway on internet. Then I gave a call and fixed my appointment virtually with Dr Shruti, she asked me few questions and gave me hope that my disease is treatable. Its been 4 months now, I have done quite well.
Paarth purohit,
Bangalore (Psoriasis)
I had been suffering from Eczema for many years and was getting more and more frustrated with it. No medicine was working well enough and I was on the verge of giving up all hopes when I decided to give a last try to Homeopathic treatment from the Homeopathway. A million thanks to Dr. Shruti for curing me completely. I will be grateful forever to her for this
Philip methew,
Hyderabad (Eczema)
As a teen, I had developed acne on my face and upper body, took lots of treatment .Infact opted for peeling as well, nothing worked out.Then I came across Homeopathway – a online portalHad a virtual consultation with doctor and started my treatment. I am amazed by the results.
Anukriti shah,
Agra (Acne)
I have been visiting Dr Shruti for my uterine fibroid. Was suffering from irregular periods,mood swings and many more. Many doctors advised me to get my uterus removed. I was not ready for the procedure and searched homeopathic doctor online and I met her. My fibroid size reduced also feeling much energetic now.Thanks to her. I would really recommend Homepathway.
Amrita, Gurgaon
( Uterine Fibroids)
My elder Daughter was suffering from PCOD from last few years and has gained lots of weight, facial hair & irregular periods. As a mother, I was very worried, we tried many doctors and several medicines, but nothing helped. Later I was reading a blog about homeopathic treatment for PCOD by Homeopathway and that bring me in contact with Dr. Shruti Gupta. I would say such a good doctor she started her medication and now I would say after 7 months my daughter is back to her lifeIm really thankful to Dr. Shruti Gupta
Shipra Tambe,
Mumbai (PCOD)
Hi, Im 45 years old, was suffering from breast lump and has been suggested for surgery by multiple doctors. But then family asked to consult homeopathic doctor, and my search for best homeopathic doctor in gurgaon started. And then I came across Homeopathway and booked my first consultation with Dr. Shruti Gupta. I would say our first meeting was so fullfilling and satisfying. I started the treatment and took me around 5 months to vanish my lumpsI would say homeopathy worked like wonder in my case. I would recommend every one who wants good treatment to consult her
Jyoti Sehgal,
Gurgaon (Breast Lumps)
I was suffering from frequent groin infection, Now after completing my treatment with Dr. Shruti, I haven’t encountered it againthankyou Ma’am,
Dipesh Sangwan,
Rohtak ( Fungal Infection)
Around 3 year after my marriage, I developed a condition called ED & Premature Ejaculation and it threatned my soul so much. After taking multiple treatments, I started my treatment at Homeopathway with Dr. Shruti Gupta. Beleive me after 3-4 months my condition improved a lot and now I can say, I am backThanks Homeopathway
Anurag Panchal,
I am 53 year old and has been advised for Prostate Surgery, But Dr. Shruti gave me sweet pills and some liquids, She repeated the ultrasound & PSA after 2 months and it is reduced from grade 2 to grade 1, I am continuing my treatmentGod Bless You!
Jaipal Malik,
New Delhi ( BPH)
I took treatment from Dr. Shruti Gupta for frequent burning during urination, her medine gave me instant relief and its been 8 months now, I didn’t face that problem again
Lalit Arora,
(Urinary Infection)
Dr. Shruti had been of great help for me to battle the long standing depression. With her homeopathic treatment and guidance only I am able to lead now a happy and meaningful life. she is always there to help the people seeking her treatment. Strongly recommend her
Omkar Bhole,
Pune (Depression)
was really great exp with Shruti Ma’am, The thing you have to learn with anxiety is to trust your doctor. I was having a serious anxiety disorder and insomnia but she treated me slowly and nicely. Initially you will think that you have to live with this insomnia but with Hoeopathy and excercise all will be fine. And believe me you wont regret with the treatment you get from Shruti Ma’am.
Pritam Gosh,
New Delhi (Insomnia)
Ma’am, is very humble and she listens patients very carefully. she tries her best to satisfy all queries and motivates. All one need to follow all her instructions and things start to get better.
Abhijit Sarkar,
Hubli (De-Addiction)
My mom was suffering since 1 year. We tried all hospitals with big names. she does not elongate the course. she believes in setting things right in short time unlike other docs who thinks of earning for months and yearsThere is 100% improvementThanks Doc for giving back my Mom
Kavita Sinha,
Delhi( Parkinson Disease)
Doctor Shruti Gupta has an excellent illness analysis methodology. She goes through the patient’s history personally, and keeps asking asking relevant questions to understand the root cause of the disease
Brijesh Kulkarni,
New Delhi (Hyperthroidism)
She is very good, friendly cheerful doctor. My experience with her is very good . I am taking her consultancy for my mother from last 2 year (approx.) and I get better results.So,I am thankful to doctor and pray to god for her good health and wealth
Kala Devi Jain,
Gurgaon (Grave's Disease)
I was taking thyroid treatment from last 5 years and this time i tried to stop my medications and my weight went from 67kgs to 76kgs within 4 months, I use to look like ill pig, puffy Face, dark circles, Hairs on face, Lethargy and what not, And this time I decided to start Homeopathic treatment to get rid of medicines and my thyroid both and checked best homeopthy doctor near me and found HomeopathwayDr. Shruti has again started my prevoius medicines and has assured to eliminate them slowly with homeopathic medicnesThankyou Dr. Shruti
Reena Mathur,
Gurgaon ( Hyperthroidism)
Homeopathway was introduced to me by my daughter, and it is the best thing to have happened to me. My main health concerns were thyroid, weight and inflammation. Dr Shruti Gupta and her team guidance brought about a lot of positive changes in my health. My attitude towards food, gut health, and sleep, has completely changed and I want to thank Homeopathway for this. I have become more mindful in my eating practices and the results are overwhelming.
Vanamala Ramesh,
Bangalore (Hyperthroidism)
There was a drastic weight reduction , got very Lathergic, I used to feel intense thirst all time even my libido got nil. Then I visited Dr Shruti as my mother was under her treatment for vertigo.She said these can be the symptoms of diabetes and suggested some test, diagnosed with diabetes.Under her treatment now , levels are quite balanced and Im bit energetic.I would definitely recommend.
Shaksham ghai,
Delhi( Diabetes Type 2)
There was a drastic weight reduction , got very Lathergic, I used to feel intense thirst all time even my libido got nil. Then I visited Dr Shruti as my mother was under her treatment for vertigo.She said these can be the symptoms of diabetes and suggested some test, diagnosed with diabetes.Under her treatment now , levels are quite balanced and Im bit energetic.I would definitely recommend.
Shaksham ghai,
Delhi( Diabetes Type 2)
After hearing a lot about Homeopathy in Kidney stone treatment, I started my treatment with Homeopathy and I have not faced my pain from last 2 months, Dr. Shruti has advised to do an ultrasound after 3 months, Hopefully my stones are removedThanks Dr. Shruti and Team
Pankaj Chauhan,
Faridabad ( Renal Stone)
After taking Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Shruti Gupta, My kidney stone passed into the urine wthin 20 days of taking the treatment
Piyush Nagar
Karnal, ( Kidney Stone)

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