• “Homeopathway” or “www.Homeopathway.com” is an online health, wellness and beauty portal based in India offering safe and side-effect free holistic cure and care globally through medical consultations using art of homeopathy. These consultations are provided by qualified homeopathic doctors who are hired, partnered or empaneled by Homeopathway who will consult, review your medical history, study your symptoms, extract your personal information, prepare homeopathic medicines, package and dispatch them to your delivery address under the brand name “Homeopathway”.
  • You agree that consultations and medicines are provided based on the information and symptoms provided by you either over a voice call, video call or at online portal www.womenure.com and you undertake to keep complete faith in the doctor assigned to you and provide the most accurate information true to the best of your knowledge.
  • You also agree that false, incomplete, inadequate and/or inaccurate information provided by you will lead to an incomplete, partially similar, inaccurate/wrong diagnosis and the medicines, treatment or cure, thus, administered may not give you the desired or intended results.
  • You also agree that Homeopathy is legalized and recognized in your state/country of residence or you have constitutional right to choose line of treatment you wish to pursue or you must have not got desired results from conventional treatment taken and you wish to try alternative medicine and that is how you plan to take homeopathic treatment for the same or you are taking conscious decision to pursue homeopathic treatment and you take entire responsibility. We do not encourage you to participate in this consultation if homeopathy is not legalized/recognized in your state/country.
  • If you, knowingly/unknowingly enter a wrong state/country only to make yourself eligible to enter our website and seek consultation, you explicitly absolve us of any and all liability for malpractices in your state/country.
  • Please take note that “Homeopathway” or “www.womenure.com” offers only general information on medical departments or specialties under “What we Cure” section on our website that can be cured through homeopathy or homeopathic treatment and any content on the website from any entity, doctor, employee or any other person employed, partnered or empaneled by Homeopathway should not be used as substitute for medical advice of a qualified homeopathic doctor.
  • You must also agree to understand that Homeopathway aims at employing, partnering or empaneling qualified homeopathic practitioners to extend online consultations, prepare homeopathic medicines and dispatch them directly to its users and thus, the relationship between a user and a doctor establishes from the point of consultation and hence, from the point of consultation to the completion of services obtained from Homeopathway and its responsibility solely lies between you and the doctor and Homeopathway will not accept responsibility of this relationship, quality of consultation, medical advice, medicines delivered, results expected or outcomes obtained.
  • In general circumstances however the results or the outcomes of homeopathic medicines or homeopathic treatment may vary from patient to patient based on the clinical condition you are suffering from. Hence, the responsibility of understanding our services, proceeding with an assigned doctor, authenticity of medicines is totally yours and Homeopathway will not accept, entertain or respond to any claims arising from a dispute, misunderstanding or conflict between you and the doctor relating to quality of consultations, authenticity of medicines, tempered parcels, ill-health caused or any adverse effect medical or non-medical caused by using our services. We encourage you and our doctors to treat only non-emergency conditions and therefore, we do not claim to cure each and every case and do not provide guarantee of any kind.
  • You agree and undertake that you are above 18 years of age and are of a sound mind to correctly put in your symptoms and accurately give us your symptoms. However, if you are younger than 18 years old, we encourage you to ask your parents or guardians to interact with us on your behalf so that we may be able to provide you accurate consultations, diagnosis and medicines. Also, in case you are of unsound mind or frail health, we inspire you to request any other person of above 18 years of age to interact with us for your health related issues.
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